Our Story


We first meet the Tervueren in 1988. A friend of us finds a lightly injured male on the road.We keep him 2 weeks, the needed time to find his owner. And during this short time, we discover the obedience, the wonderfull character and the elegance of the Tervs. We fell in love and it was painfull when he left us.

Time passed and in early 2006, we decided to start breeding. We have a big land and lots of pretty walks in the neighbourhood. We search on the net and phone to several breeders.

We welcome our first female, Fudjie of the Home Port, in march 2007. She is followed by Genna of the Smart Spirit in June. And finally, in october, Mrs Vanpottalsberghe asks us if she could place one of her females, Ginger of the Home Port at home. Inge, you put your trust in us: Thanks a lot.

The kennel “Puy de la Rocheterre” officialy born in June 2008.

Our philosophy

Our dogs share our daytime. We take good care of them and attend to their needs: comfort, stability, health and beauty. That’s why in 2008, I keep up with Young Breeder Program organized by St Hubert Royal Society.

As pet owner we have responsabilities. As breeder we have much more : protect the breeding characteristics.

Feel free to ask advices or questions. Visit us, we will be glad to welcome you( just don’t forget to book) and share our passion.

Murielle Bidaine-Bergh


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