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A sport dog

Donnez-lui quelque chose à faire et beaucoup de mouvements, il ne demande que cela; il convient donc moins pour des citadins logés à l'étroit. Ceci est possible, à condition qu'on le sorte trois fois par jour et qu'on lui fasse au moins faire une bonne promenade. S'il vit dans la maison, avec un chauffage central par exemple, son poil ne restera pas en aussi bonne condition parce que l'influence des saisons sera plus limitée. An ideal dog for those who love sports and long walkings.



The ideal height at withers is 62 cm for males and 58 cm for females. Fitting into a square wich means same height and length. Small triangular ears set high, carried upright and vertical when dog is alert. Upper line of back is straight, a dog combining elegance and power. Weight: about 30 kg for the male. Long hair: about 5 cm. The hair is longer and more abundant around the neck and on the forechest where it forms a collarette and form the elbow to wrist  which is called fringes. The bachk of the tighs are covered by very long abundant hair forming the culottes or breeches. The fawn must be rich with black overlay, with a woolly undercoat. Black colour from muzzle to eyes which is called «mask».


The Belgian Shepherd is a watchfull and active dog, bursting with energy and always ready to leap into action. It is a stubborn and keen protector of its owners. It brings together all those qualities necessary for a shepherd, guard, defence and service dog. 

General appearance

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