Fudjie of the Home Port

Born on the 31st/12/06


Expected litter :

Summer 2012

Golden Winner 09 (Liège)

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08/05/10    Gerpinnes: Nationale d’Elevage                 Judge : Ten Cate (NL) : VG Open Class

13/12/09     Bruxelles: Brussels Dog Show                     Judge : Van Wesamael R (B) : 2nd Exc. Open Class

25/07/09    Liège: Golden Dog Trophy                          Judge : Germundsson O (S) : 1st Exc. CAC-CACIB Open Class

02/05/09    Gerpinnes: Nationale d’Elevage                 Judge : Varlet M-F (F) : Exc. Open Class

29/03/09    Luxembourg: Inter.Dog Show                   Judge : Drennan M (Irl) : 2nd Exc. Open Class

15/11/08      Courtrai: Club Match                                  Judge : Van Deijl W (B) : VG Open Class

01/11/08    Metz: Spéciale Bergers Belges                       Judge : Schaffner G (F) : Exc. Open Class

21/06/08     Bruxelles: Brussels Dog Show                    Judge : Jentgen P (L) : 1st Exc Intermediate Class

01/06/08    Nieuwerkerken: Nationale d’Elevage        Judge : Vermeire M (B) : Exc Intermediate Class

17/11/07    Courtrai: Club Match                                   Judge : Aertgeerts F (B) : 4th Exc Youth Class

12/08/07    Ranst: Journées jeunes Bergers Belges         Judge : Varlet M-F (F) : 3rd VP Puppy Class

30/06/07    Hélécine: Journée Bergers Belges               Judge : Dambrain Y (F) : 2nd VP Puppy Class

03/06/07   Nieuwerkerken: Nationale d’Elevage       Judge : Vermeire M (B) : 2nd VP Baby Class



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